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  • Amara Amaro Out of Stock
    Amaro Amara is literally steeped in the heart of Sicily with spring water and wild herbs from Mt. Etna combining with peel from Arancia Rossa di Sicilia IGP oranges to produce a liqueur that is quintessentially Scillian. It contains intense aromas of citrus fruits, orange blossom and herbaceous notes, for…
  • Chauffe Coeur VSOP Calvados
    Chauffe Coeur, Calvados is made using a unique blend of Calvados Appellation (single distillation) and Calvados Pays d’Auge (double distillation). Multiple varieties of Cider apples are used with the juice from each variety kept separate through the first fermentation process. These are then blended and the blend undergoes a second…
  • Copper Dog - Scottish Blended Whisky
    A blended malt Scotch whisky named after a little piece of kit used once upon a time by distillery workers to covertly sneak whisky home. Eight different whiskies from Speyside were combined to create this well-balanced blend. The aroma of this beautiful blend displays fresh fruit characters of rich confected…
  • Cotswold Cream Liqueur
    Simply put, this is the best cream liqueur available. Cotswold distillery is based in the west of England and they have partnered with a leading producer of Irish cream liqueurs in Tipperary. They take the Cotswold distillery Single Malt whisky and combine it with the finest Irish cream. The result…
  • Deanston Virgin Oak - Highland Single Malt
    Virgin Oak breaks away from the traditional Scotch method of maturing and finishing the liquid in previously used casks. Virgin Oak is aged in 100% American Oak casks before being transferred to brand new, straight from the cooperage ‘Virgin Oak’ casks to finish for the last 9-12 months. The casks…
  • Filey Bay STR Finish - English Malt Whisky
    Filey Bay is the first single malt whisky made in, and of, Yorkshire. Why 'of Yorkshire'? Because it's created from field to bottle, on the North Yorkshire coast. Filey Bay STR Finish takes the citrus and caramel flavours from bourbon casks and weaves them with the red fruits of Rioja…
  • Kavka Vodka
    Kavka Vodka is made in a small distillery in the west of Poland. Vodka has been made there for over 200 years and under the guidance of Master Distiller, Urszula Wojcik, they have reintroduced production methods from the 18th & 19th century. This leads to a unique taste, that is…
  • Portofino Dry Gin Out of Stock
    Portofino gin was created in homage to Klaus Pudel, a local hero of the second world war. He is credited with saving the Mediterranean village from destruction. Klaus was a real bon vivant, as the Italian Riviera became a hot destination for the global jet set, charismatic Klaus was on…
  • The Kings Ginger
    First created in 1903 for King Edward VII, whose doctor commissioned Berry Bros & Rudd to create a high strength spirit to warm and revive the monarch. Made from ginger for it's long heralded medicinal properties. The Kings Ginger continues to be the perfect tonic on a cold winter night.…
  • The Tottori - Japanese Blended Whisky
    This multiple award winning Japanese whisky features grain and smoke aromas. A soft whisky with a hint of vanilla and caramel. Soft and lingering.
  • East London Kew Gin Out of Stock

    This gin has been produced in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew. The partnership is apt with some of the plants you see at the gardens really singing out as featured botanicals in the Gin. Fresh Douglas fir, fragrant lavender with  earthy undertones from liquorice and sweet orange…