Argentinian Bonarda

Argentinian Bonarda is a delightful and distinctive red wine that’s quickly becoming a signature variety of Argentina’s wine regions. Originally brought over from Italy, this grape has found a welcoming home in the vineyards of Argentina, particularly in Mendoza. Argentinian Bonarda wines are typically full-bodied with a deep, ruby colour. They charm the palate with an array of fruity flavours such as black cherries, plums, and raspberries, often complemented by a subtle, earthy undertone and a hint of spice. Its medium acidity and low tannins make Bonarda a versatile companion to many dishes, particularly those featuring grilled meats or earthy vegetables. This wine is an excellent choice for those seeking to explore Argentinian wines beyond Malbec, and its easy-drinking nature ensures it appeals to a wide range of wine lovers.

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