Argentinian Merlot

Argentinian Merlot is a pleasing red wine that has truly flourished in Argentina’s diverse wine-growing regions. Offering a softer, more fruit-driven alternative to Malbec, Argentina’s signature red, Merlot thrives particularly well in the cooler areas of the country. Expect to find a medium-bodied wine bursting with ripe flavours of plum, black cherry, and raspberry, complemented by subtle notes of vanilla and clove, thanks to oak ageing. The tannins are typically smooth, making Argentinian Merlot an easy-drinking option that is both approachable and satisfying. Pair this versatile wine with a range of dishes, from pasta and pizza to grilled meats and roasted vegetables. Its combination of fruit-forward character, moderate body, and balanced acidity has earned Argentinian Merlot a well-deserved place at any dining table.

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