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  • Remarkable Dinner Party Wine Case
    Designed to accompany food, our Remarkable Dinner Party Wine Case, takes you from aperitif to desert. Take the hassle away from hosting a dinner party by letting us choose the wines. This delicious selection of wines will really wow your guests.
  • Original Rosé Wine Case
    Fantastic value, versatile, dry, light, roses from around the globe. Not just for summer, rose enjoys unparallel versatility when it comes matching wine with food – pairing brilliantly with spicy food, fish (great with Thai salmon), salads, roasted vegetables, white meats, pasta or simply enjoyed on its own.
  • Myrrh Christmas Wine Case 2022 Out of Stock
    We've handpicked our Christmas Wine Cases to make sure you have everything you need over the festive period. These mixed cases are designed to match a range of popular Christmas dishes. Featuring some familiar classics and some pleasant surprises, we're sure you will love the wines as much as we [...]
  • Remarkable BBQ Wine Case
    There are few things more enjoyable than a barbecue in the sunshine with a glass of wine, family and friends. But choosing a selection of wines to keep everyone happy and accompany the classic BBQ dishes can be tricky. Look no further. We have put together the ultimate accompaniment to [...]
  • Discovery Shiraz Wine Case
    Synonymous with full-bodied, flavoursome wines, this intriguing selection showcases some of the more interesting wines this variety has to offer from around the world. Shiraz or Syrah, depending on where in the world you are (Syrah is typically used in cooler-climate growing regions, whilst Shiraz tends to come from warmer [...]
  • Discovery Red Wine Case
    The Discovery Red Wine Case is a curated collection of six distinct red wines, intended to introduce you to the diverse world of red varietals. Carefully selected from different regions around the globe, these wines exemplify the broad range of flavours, textures, and styles within the red wine universe. Each [...]
  • Original Spring Wine Case
    A mixed wine case containing six different hand selected wines to effortlessly accompany you through this beautiful time of year. Including many personal favourites, this is the ultimate collection of spring wines.
  • Remarkable Handpicked Wine Subscription
    From: £47.99 every 2 months

    Starting from £12.99 per bottle with Free Delivery included our Discovery Handpicked Wine Subscription features showstopper wines that will really bowl you over. We handpick all our wines, using our 20+ years of experience in the wine industry to trawl the world for the best artisanal wine producers, meaning you […]

  • Remarkable Chardonnay Wine Case
    Chardonnay is one of the most regal and revered grape varieties. Whether it's grown on the classic kimmeridgian soils of Chablis or under the influence of the micro climate of the Arroyo Seco valley in Monterrey County, California, we've scoured the planet for the best Chardonnays.
  • White Half Bottle Wine Case
    Our White Half Bottle Wine Case features 6 half bottles (375ml) of white wine from some of the best wine growing regions in the world. It's ideal if you don't want to open a full bottle but still want a glass or two of wine.
  • Remarkable Vegan Wine Case
    Look no further for the ultimate selection of vegan wines! Consisting of 1 sparkling wine, 2 white wines, 1 rose and 2 red wines this case has been put together to inspire and excite. Not just for vegans, these wines have been selected and judged first and foremost on their [...]
  • Original Chardonnay Wine Case
    Discover our Original Chardonnay Wine Case, an affordable and enjoyable choice for any wine lover. Available in packs of 6 or 12 bottles, these wines deliver exceptional quality and value. Every bottle encapsulates the quintessential attributes of Chardonnay: a smooth harmony of fresh and fruity flavours, with some varieties offering [...]