Summer Wines

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  • Original White Wine Case
    The perfect case of any day white wines! Excellent value, interesting wines for drinking throughout the week, lovingly handpicked to exceed your expectations.
  • Remarkable Chardonnay Wine Case
    Chardonnay is one of the most regal and revered grape varieties. Whether it's grown on the classic kimmeridgian soils of Chablis or under the influence of the micro climate of the Arroyo Seco valley in Monterrey County, California, we've scoured the planet for the best Chardonnays.
  • Remarkable New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Wine Case
    Top quality, award-winning New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. From the land of the long white cloud – this is the ultimate collection of Kiwi Sauvignons. From new small scale, boutique offerings with great stories, to established trophy-winning producers, to top Organic wines, and small parcels, these are the crème de la…
  • Original Rose Wine Case
    Fantastic value, versatile, dry, light, roses from around the globe. Not just for summer, rose enjoys unparallel versatility when it comes matching wine with food – pairing brilliantly with spicy food, fish (great with Thai salmon), salads, roasted vegetables, white meats, pasta or simply enjoyed on its own.
  • Remarkable Rose Wine Case
    This mixed case of leading roses from around globe will delight. Crisp, food-friendly, and elegant, this case includes classic Provence style roses, and offbeat hidden gems through to a gastronomic rose produced in conjunction with famed Spanish chef Juan Marí Arzak. Not just for summer, rose enjoys unparallel versatility when…
  • Pinot Grigio Alternatives Wine Case
    Love Pinot Grigio but stuck in a rut and find yourself ordering familiar, easy drinking Pinot Grigio time after time? Are you disappointed or bored, but unsure what to try next? Overwhelmed by the choice? Or are you simply looking for a mixed case of superb white wines? In recent…
  • Remarkable Pinot Grigio Wine Case
    Showcasing the best that Pinot Grigio has to offer! Pinot Grigio has become the victim of its own success.  The popularity of this trendsetting grape has resulted in the production of a lot of disappointing, dull and inexpensive wines, the majority of which we find in our pubs and supermarkets.…
  • Original BBQ Wine Case
    The Original BBQ Wine Case is a fantastic selection of flavour-packed wines designed to accompany and enhance your BBQ, from chargrilled sausages to the most sophisticated of offerings, these fruit-driven, versatile wines have been meticulously hand-selected to go with all your al fresco meals and outdoor entertaining. A real crowd-pleasing case;…
  • Remarkable BBQ Wine Case
    There are few things more enjoyable than a barbecue in the sunshine with a glass of wine, family and friends. But choosing a selection of wines to keep everyone happy and accompany the classic BBQ dishes can be tricky. Look no further. We have put together the ultimate accompaniment to…
  • Remarkable Sparkling Wine Case Out of Stock
    Love Champagne? This exceptional trio sets the bar when it comes to sparkling wine, making a fantastic treat or great wine gift. Comprised of a Brut Réserve from the smallest and arguably the best of the Grande Marque Champagnes, a Classic Cuvée from the most coveted English Sparkling Wine producer,…
  • Spring Wine Case
    A mixed wine case containing six different hand selected wines to effortlessly accompany you through this beautiful time of year. Including many personal favourites, this is the ultimate collection of spring wines.