Spanish Mazuelo

Spanish Mazuelo, also known as Carignan in France, is a red wine grape variety primarily found in Spain’s northeast region of Catalonia. It’s particularly common in Priorat and Montsant, but also plays a supportive role in Rioja, where it’s often blended with Tempranillo. This late-ripening grape thrives in warm, arid conditions and produces deeply coloured, full-bodied wines. Known for its high acidity and tannin content, Mazuelo adds structure to blends and contributes flavours of red fruit, spice, and sometimes a touch of earthiness. When made as a single varietal wine, it often demonstrates a balance between fruity and savoury elements. If you enjoy structured, full-bodied reds with a strong character, wines featuring Spanish Mazuelo could well be worth exploring.

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