12 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023 | Fathers Day Wine Gift Guide

Welcome to our hand-picked Father’s Day Wine Gift Guide. We’ve put together this list to help you find the perfect gift for your dad. Every year, it’s the same challenge: What’s the best gift for Dad? If your dad enjoys a nice glass of wine, then this guide is just for you.
From full-bodied reds to crisp whites, this list has something to suit every taste. We’ve got affordable options as well as luxury picks, all of them ready to make this Father’s Day the most memorable one yet. Whether your dad is a wine connoisseur or just enjoys a casual tipple, we’re here to help you pick a gift that he’ll love.
Stay tuned as we explore these eleven fantastic Father’s Day wine gifts, perfect for celebrating the main man in your life. After all, there’s no better way to say ‘cheers’ to Dad than with a bottle of his favourite wine. Enjoy the journey, and happy Father’s Day shopping!

For the doting grandfather

Our Rioja Magnum and British Charcuterie Gift Set is a great gift for a kind grandfather. It features a magnum bottle of Limited Edition Spanish Rioja wine and some tasty British Charcuterie from artisan producer The Real Cure. The deep, smooth Rioja is delicious and goes really well with the cured meats. It’s a gift that can make any grandfather feel loved on Father’s Day. It’s a perfect way to say ‘cheers’ to grandad as he shares his stories or jokes around the table.

For the Grill Master dad who loves his BBQ

The Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon from the USA is a top pick for a dad who’s a real grill master. This full-bodied red wine is the perfect match for anything from the barbecue. With a big, bold flavour, it can hold its own against smoky grilled meats. It’s a way to give a nod to your dad’s barbecue skills and share a toast with him on Father’s Day. Whether he’s flipping burgers or grilling steaks, this wine is sure to add to the enjoyment.

For a fan of serious reds

The Remarkable Reds Wine Case is just right for a fan of serious red wines. This case is packed with six different bottles of rich, deep red wines from around the world. It’s a real treat for anyone who loves exploring different flavours and styles. On Father’s Day, it’s a good way to let your dad know how special he is. Whether he’s relaxing after a long day or enjoying a meal, these wines are sure to bring a smile to his face.
  • Remarkable Reds Wine Case
    Dessert-island wine territory! For the discerning red wine lover; an indulgent case of quality, award-winning artisan reds hand-selected to create the perfect selection. *If any of these wines are unavailable we will substitute a "like for like" alternative wine.

For the sleep deprived new dad celebrating his first father’s day

The Pierre Mignon Grande Reserve Champagne is a wonderful treat for a new dad celebrating his first Father’s Day, especially if he’s been losing sleep with a new baby. This champagne is fresh and bubbly, just like the new joy in his life. Even though he might be tired, a glass of this special drink can help him feel celebrated. It’s a great way to say ‘congratulations’ and ‘happy first Father’s Day’. This champagne can make any dad’s day, no matter how many late nights he’s had.

For the Dad who thinks he’s a bit hipster

The Henry Fessy Brouilly is the perfect choice for a dad who thinks he’s a bit hipster. This French red wine is cool, but also classic. Just like your dad, it’s got its own style. It’s a wine that shows you get him and his unique taste. On Father’s Day, it’s a fun way to show your dad that you appreciate him, quirks and all. Whether he’s listening to vinyl records or sporting his favourite plaid shirt, this wine is a great match for him.
  • Henry Fessy | Gamay | Brouilly | France

    Six villages have the privilege of sharing this subtle and enchanting cru. It is the most southerly of all the Beaujolais Crus and typically has good colour, backbone and is full-bodied revealing aromas of plums and peaches. Henry Fessy’s domaine contains 7.5 hectares of Brouilly vineyards. This wine is very…

For a lover of Sauvignon Blanc

The Remarkable 3 Bottle New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Wine Set is a lovely choice for a lover of Sauvignon Blanc. This set brings together three different bottles of this crisp, refreshing white wine from New Zealand. It’s a treat for anyone who likes to try different kinds of Sauvignon Blanc. On Father’s Day, it’s a nice way to show your dad how much you care. Whether he’s enjoying a summer meal or just relaxing, these wines can make his day even better.

For the father who loves to host

The Remarkable Dinner Party Wine Case is ideal for a father who loves to host. This case is filled with a selection of wines perfect for any dinner party. It’s a thoughtful gift for a dad who enjoys bringing people together over a good meal. On Father’s Day, this wine case can show him how much you appreciate his hospitality. Whether he’s planning a big family meal or an intimate dinner with friends, these wines are sure to make his event even more memorable.
  • Easy Entertaining Wine Case
    Looking for a selection of wines that everyone will enjoy? Whether it’s a weekend away with friends, a picnic with family, or a get together with the neighbours, this is the grab-and-go,  ‘please-all’, ‘go-to’ case perfect for when friends or family descend and with something for everyone.
  • Remarkable Dinner Party Wine Case
    Designed to accompany food, our Remarkable Dinner Party Wine Case, takes you from aperitif to desert. Take the hassle away from hosting a dinner party by letting us choose the wines. This delicious selection of wines will really wow your guests.

For the dad who enjoys a crisp Rose in the sun

 The Remarkable 2 Bottle Provence Rosé Wine Set is a top choice for a dad who enjoys a crisp rosé in the sun. This set includes two bottles of refreshing rosé wine from Provence, known for its beautiful pale pink wines. It’s a lovely gift for a dad who likes to relax in the garden or on the patio. On Father’s Day, these wines can help him enjoy a sunny day even more. Whether he’s having a barbecue or just enjoying a quiet moment, these rosé wines are a great companion.

For the refined father who enjoys making a statement

The Tradition Chateauneuf-Du-Pape from Domaine de la Janasse is a superb choice for a refined father who enjoys making a statement. This French red wine is known for its rich, deep flavours. It’s a grand gift for a dad who enjoys the finer things in life. On Father’s Day, this wine can show him how much you respect his good taste. Whether he’s having a special meal or entertaining guests, this wine is sure to impress. It’s a classy way to say ‘happy Father’s Day’ to a dad who likes to stand out.

For the father of 3 under 5s who can just about remember what life is like

The Original Handpicked Wine Case is a brilliant choice for a father of three under fives who can just about remember what life is like. This case has a selection of easy-going wines that are perfect for a busy dad. It’s a nice gift for a dad who needs a bit of a break. On Father’s Day, this wine case can give him a chance to relax and enjoy a quiet moment. Even if life is hectic with the little ones, these wines can bring a bit of calm and enjoyment to his day.

For the sports mad Dad to enjoy in front of the big match

The Remarkable 2 Bottle Red Wine Set is a great choice for a sports mad dad to enjoy in front of the big match. This set has two different bottles of rich, tasty red wine. It’s a fun gift for a dad who loves watching his favourite teams play. On Father’s Day, these wines can make the game even more enjoyable. Whether he’s cheering on his team or discussing the match with friends, these wines can be his perfect game-time companions.

For a lover of fine wine

The Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah from Kleinood in Stellenbosch, South Africa is a brilliant choice for a lover of fine wines. This Syrah is rich, deep, and full of complex flavours. It’s a top-class gift for a dad who appreciates a really good wine. On Father’s Day, this bottle can show him how much you value his refined tastes. Whether he’s enjoying a special meal or just savouring a quiet moment, this Syrah is sure to make his day even more enjoyable. It’s a grand way to say ‘happy Father’s Day’ to a dad who appreciates the finer things.
To finish off our Father’s Day Wine Gift Guide, we want you to know that picking a wine gift from our list means you’re choosing quality. We’re really pleased to have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. This means our customers really like what we do, and trust us to deliver great wines with top service. To make your gift even better, we can hand write a personal message on a gift card and gift wrap the wines for you. If you’re worried about time, don’t be. We can deliver next day if you order before 12:00 or even on a Saturday to make sure your gift gets there on time. Our goal is to make buying a Father’s Day gift easy and fun. Here’s to finding the perfect wine gift for your dad!

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